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Museum Services.

Imagelab offers fine art museums and related institutions a suite of products and services providing visitors with access to purchase a range of custom reproductions of artworks and imagery sourced from the institution's collection and archive.

These programs provide the institution with earned income that requires limited investment to launch and minimal ongoing resources to maintain. Further, these programs provide a valuable channel for visitor engagement and support of membership initiatives.


Imagelab provides museum clients with short-run print inventory produced to the same archival standards as all of its products, using the same 12-color printers and substrates. Typically museums stock the smaller, easy-to-carry formats in-store, and Imagelab provides point-of-sale packaging with white-label branding so they are ready to go directly on store shelves. Some museums also choose to inventory larger, pre-framed items merchandised with samples hanging on a wall but with stock stored out of view.

Archival Paper Prints

  • Fixed Format: 11x14, 16x20, etc
  • Packaged in high-clarity acetate sleeve
  • Backed with foam board
  • Backing sheet with branding, item details
  • Pricing and barcode can be included where applicable
  • Low minimum order quantity

Pre-Framed Prints

  • Small Format: 11x14
  • Multiple frame colors
  • Ready-to-hang: inset hanging wire and felt bumpers
  • Backing label with branding, item details

Canvas Prints

  • Long dimension: 16"
  • Hand-stretched over deep all-wood bars
  • Semi-matte UV coating
  • Corner protectors
  • Ready-to-hang: saw-tooth hardware


  • Collection or exhibition graphics
  • Standard and non-standard formats
  • Shipped flat, to be rolled/sleeved on-site

Web Stores

One of Imagelab’s core competencies is developing and managing custom print stores for clients. While we can support the integration of Imagelab products into third-party e-commerce platforms, where they are sold alongside other product types, there are fundamental advantages to having a bespoke and specialized web store focused exclusively on the prints and their custom options, and what should be a large selection of images to choose from.

For collections that are broad and diverse, having user navigation and product exploration tools specifically tailored for art and collections categories not only provides a higher quality user experience but promotes increased conversion rates and higher average orders.

Where staffing levels only allow for limited resources, Imagelab can save clients the overhead of web store maintenance and product management while providing an additional revenue stream at relatively low cost.

Imagelab web stores are routinely configured to process credit card transactions through our clients' payment gateways and merchant accounts. This reinforces Imagelab’s conviction that the web customer and the transaction best reside with the client. Imagelab operates only as the conduit for the sale.

Some Examples:

In-store Kiosks

Excited by their visitor experience, museum store customers are gratified to buy prints of the things they have seen. Although Imagelab provides short-run print products in small formats to stock in-store to satisfy that immediate urge, only so many images can be stocked. Some customers want other images, some want larger sizes, some want their prints framed, and some want the convenience of home delivery anyway. To address that demand, Imagelab has developed interactive, transactional touchscreen kiosks, installing and managing the operation of dozens of them over the past decade.

Imagelab’s kiosk fixtures generally incorporate a vertical 22'' touchscreen that allows users to browse the museum's full image and product offering. Once an image is selected, the user can then customize the item to their specification (substrate, size, and frame).

As a fully end-to-end solution, these devices provide the user with the ability to complete the transaction using an integrated credit card reader. While revenue from the transaction flows to the client’s merchant account, the order data flows directly into the Imagelab system. All of this takes place with minimal involvement or oversight by the on-site store staff. This provides a sales channel with a small footprint, offering products that are difficult and costly to inventory on-site, all the while still taking advantage of the physical presence of the visitor.

For customers still too hesitant to place their order before they get home, the kiosk also provides a valuable cross-merchandising tool: a shop window to browse for a subsequent online purchase.

Some of Our Clients

Museum Store Association

Imagelab is a proud supporting member of MSA.

Museum Store Association