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The suite of products and services that Imagelab can provide its clients and partners is extensive. For this reason, each program is customized to best suit the client's defined goals and objectives. We see value in sharing our experience through collaboration.

Museum Services

Imagelab is a market leader in developing and supporting print programs for art museums and related institutions. These programs offer for sale customized archival reproductions of images from the client's collections. They not only provide earned income to the institution but, by enabling a broader representation of its collections, also prove to be a valuable resource for visitor engagement.

Our ability to tailor a program to the needs and scale of each client is a hard-learned skill that came with years of experience and collaboration. Product development and in-store inventory are a common starting point for new programs. Where appropriate to the level of demand, a custom web store and on-site transactional touchscreen kiosks are enhancements Imagelab can provide to expand the potential of these programs.

Wholesale Services

Alongside museums, Imagelab has a substantial client base among commercial retailers in a variety of market sectors who require fast and efficient print production and framing, along with white-label fulfillment direct to their customers, to support their own e-commerce ventures. Imagelab provides product development services either from third-party image content or from content supplied by the clients themselves. Some also have brick and mortar stores where Imagelab supplies short-run inventory products.

Artist Services

Imagelab provides printing services to artists and photographers looking for high quality reproductions of their work. Where they have an established online following, and no need for an intermediary to generate print sales direct to consumers, Imagelab can provide options ranging from a drop-ship fulfillment program to developing their own web store and managing it for them.