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The Imagelab print production workflow is controlled and reliably predictable. Through strict color management protocols and the obsessive elimination of variables throughout the process, we achieve a consistent output that is trusted by clients and customers alike. Having worked with the photo studios at some of the leading art museums in the United States, our process has been tested and validated.

Proofing & Image Processing

In the end, the output can only be as good as the input. So it all starts with the image: in this case, the digital image file.

Imagelab works closely with clients, partners, and licensors to color correct source image files so that our printed output matches the expectations of the client and the intent of the digital file. Sometimes unavoidable limitations in the source files make this process challenging, but Imagelab has developed tools to make the color review process as efficient and easy as possible, including soft proofing and physical proofs printed on the same media and printer type as our regular production processes. This critical phase of product development is one of the most important elements of our operation. Print quality is central to our business, and our focus on this process is key.

Printing Specifications

  • Canon large-format printers
  • 12-color archival inkset
  • Strict color management
  • In-house color profiling
  • Three core substrates
    • Archival photo-matte paper
    • Cotton rag paper
    • Satin artist-grade canvas